Electrolux at Cannes- Opening Gala Preview

Electrolux ‘Flavour of Film’ Provides Innovative Dining Suggestions for Home Entertaining Inspired by Cannes Palm d’Or Winners
Electrolux work with Michelin star chefs ahead of presence at Cannes Film Festival to create homage meals to previous film festival winners.

Electrolux celebrates nearly 100 years of professional expertise by continuing its support of Film Festival de Cannes. Electrolux is the chosen supplier of almost 50% of Michelin Starred restaurants in Europe and will bring a number of its partner chefs to the 2013 festival to ensure gastronomic excellence for all gala events and dining occasions.

Ahead of the festival, Electrolux partner chef and Two Michelin star holder Claude Bosi, responsible for cooking for the Cinéfondation Jury, headed by Jane Campion, will create a homage meal to ‘The Piano’, winner of the 1993 Palm d’Or.

“Electrolux are taking a number of the professional chefs that we support on a daily basis within their own restaurant kitchens to Film Festival de Cannes to guarantee fantastic dining at the Festival.” says Olivia Kaye, Experiential Manager, Electrolux “By sharing the professional shortcuts Electrolux have picked up through our presence in 50% of Europe’s Michelin Starred restaurants, we want to show people it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to create great experiences at home and Claude Bosi’s homage meal to ‘The Piano’ serves as both a fun and imaginative source of inspiration”

Hibiscus “Kedgeree”
Asparagus in Burnt Hay
Lobster in Seaweed, Sorrel sauce
Stuffed Welsh Marsh Lamb, Morels, Coffee & Tarragon
Strawberry, Celeriac & Szechuan Pepper
“Piano on the Beach”

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