Nicki Minaj: Behind-The-Scenes of her Teen Vogue Cover Shoot

A Powder Puff Sugar Rush

minaj12n-1-copy minaj12n-3-copy

Nicki Minaj is Teen Queen for the June/July Issue of Teen Vogue. In flirty pastels and neon lights, Nicki embodies her Barbie finesse throughout the look and feel of the shoot. In the cover interview, the Young Money Rapper compares the music industry to high school

“People treat this business like it’s high school,” she tells Teen Vogue. “It can absolutely feel like one big popularity contest, and you know what? I can’t be bothered. I can’t allow myself to play ridiculous games with grown adults in the industry. I can’t be nice to someone just because they’re hot right now. I can’t do it

In her behind-the-scene cover shoot video she talks American Idol and why the Teen Vogue  Cover spread’s  feel  is the start of a New Nicki. Check it!

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