Matt Damon speaks about Behind The Candelabra: My LIfe with Liberace

Azia Celestino was present for The Cannes Film Festival panel featuring Matt Damon to discuss the new movie Behind The Candelabra: My Life with Liberace

Matt Damon found the story of the relationship compelling. “I think Scott’s love was genuine, but I think it was complicated. He was a foster kid and was looking for a family — and Lee gave that to him. I think they had a profound love for each other. It ended badly, but there were a lot of wonderful moments, a lot of ups and downs and a lot of things that everybody goes through in long-­‐‑term relationships. I don’t think Scott had an angle. I think he genuinely fell for him, which is why he was hurt, ultimately.

“There were aspects of their relationship that were absurd. There are aspects of all of our lives that are absurd — and they’re not absurd to us because they’re our lives. It was fun, but we weren’t giggling about it, we took it very seriously. We had fun making it, but it’s the kind of fun you have, when you’ve made a lot of movies and you see a script this good. It was so complex, their relationship and Richard (LaGravenese) seemed to nail a really interesting dynamic. I completely believed what he’d written. What it felt like was — a love story, a movie about a real, long-­‐‑term relationship.

“And I think that, for Michael and me, that was a way in. We’re both married and we’ve both been in these relationships for a while and so we could relate. Richard wrote such a human script, that it was really easy for me to connect with the character and that relationship and to understand what was going on.”

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