Goodie Mob: Cee Lo Green talks new music & favorite black music artist

AT&T and BlackBerry will join CeeLo Green and Goodie Mob at Playhouse Night Club on Tuesday, June 18 to showcase four aspiring artists’ talent as winners of AT&T’s “Elevate Young Black Voices” contest. Goodie Mob will also celebrate their reunited sound and album release with an exclusive live performance for a crowd of celebrity friends and VIP guests.

Winners of the AT&T, BlackBerry-sponsored contest were selected firsthand by Goodie Mob to win a two-hour mentoring session with the group before performing together at the “Elevate Young Black Voices” culmination event Tuesday night.

The event, honoring Black Music Month, will include live performances from the contest winners, fresh new music from Goodie Mob’s upcoming album, Age Against the Machine, and more.

Segment Producer Reina Royale @ItsReinaroyale
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